MRBC Membership Application Form (13 kB PDF file)

Membership is open to anyone interested in playing regularly with the club. There is an annual membership fee of $32.50 ($27.50 for concession card holders), but no additional joining fee for new members. The $32.50 covers capitation fees paid to the Victorian Bridge Federation and the Australian Bridge Federation to cover various costs including insurance. The club retains any balance of this annual fee. Annual fees are payable by the second Tuesday in March.

Players whose Home Club is not the MRBC, can also become a member of MRBC for an annual fee of $22.50

Once your membership is approved you will receive an Australian Bridge Federation (ABF) number. This means that in club play and congresses you will be entitled to earn masterpoints every time you play.

Members of other clubs are always made welcome.

The MRBC is an incorporated association; the Articles of Association may be viewed by contacting the club secretary.

Nomination Form for MRBC Committee (13 kB PDF file)

To nominate a club member for any Committee position please use the form above. Committee positions are elected at each Annual General Meeting.

List of Club ID Numbers (180 kB PDF file)

In order to play in Monday and Tuesday sessions (from July 2010) all players will require a Club ID number in order to register themselves in the BridgePad wireless scoring system. The above document lists the Club ID numbers for all MRBC members and regular visitors.